Our cloud-based telephony system Surgery Connect is designed to make patients’ lives easier and get them the medical attention and advice they need as effectively as possible.

We understand the frustrations patients sometimes have when contacting their busy GP practice. We have devised innovative technology solutions to make this process as simple, as fast and as secure as possible.

As a result, Surgery Connect has been chosen as the supporting telephony solution by more than 1,200 general practices in England and Wales, serving 11.2 million patients.

Patient-centric Solutions

  • High call volumes? Patient Callback holds the patients’ place in the queue after they have called in and hung up. They receive a callback instead of waiting on the line, saving time and money.
  • Automated SMS appointment and prescription reminders make life more convenient and reduce missed appointments.
  • Integration with patient record systems means when a patient speaks to any member of the practice team their information is to hand, eliminating frustrating delays.
  • Patients have access to select dedicated resources, such as vaccination centres or repeat prescription services without having to queue with other patients who simply want an appointment.
  • Surgery Connect can be configured to inform patients with high quality voice messages at every stage of their journey, minimising stress.
  • When deployed at scale, phone services allow patients to self-serve without waiting to speak with a receptionist. Examples include checking or cancelling appointments, or requesting links to more information or online services.


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