For practice managers to do their jobs successfully, they need a clear picture of how their practice is running from the perspective of GPs, administrative staff, and patients.

Surgery Connect has been designed to support that task, helping practice managers to put patients first, and providing data and insight into how the whole practice is running.

Practice Manager Tools

Adjusting call flows or recorded messages easily done with a few clicks in response to rapidly changing requirements.Single click switch to training or emergency mode.

  • Automatic management reports gives practice managers insight into volume and demand, helping them to allocate resources to the areas which most need it and drill down into the data.
  • Automated SMS appointment and prescription reminders help to reduce missed appointments and manage them more effectively.
  • Tools and support like call recordings provided so that project managers are equipped to train their staff.
  • Avoiding administration and overhead of high call costs associated with legacy phone contracts through the ‘all inclusive’ bundle available.


Making Patients’ Lives Easier


Supporting GPs


Supporting Reception Staff


Data and Insight


Scalable Phone & Video Communication


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