Create, edit and store plans

Create, edit, store and activate call plans to cater for busy times.  Through the intuitive web portal, calls queues can be monitored and new plans activated, giving you the control you need to maximise call handling and improve the service offered to your patients.

Features can be manged and changed to cater for planned and unplanned changes such as staff shortages, closure for training sessions and bank holiday hours.

Manage Groups and Queues

Call queues and groups can be monitored and managed, with re-directs and call sharing set up quickly and easily.  On hold messages can be updated, new queue messages uploaded and queue configurations updated in almost real time.

Call statistics form a vital part of running a successful practice and provide essential information about answered and unanswered calls which can be audited and reported on.

Accessed via the internet, using a secure logon, the web based portal means you no longer need to be on site to make last minute changes to cater for unplanned changes in events.


Coloured tiles show many calls have been answered and average queue times, to demonstrate the efficiency of your practice, alongside number of calls waiting and active calls to inform call handlers of how well they are performing.

Statistics can be displayed on large plasma screens, tablets and smartphones, so you can monitor your call traffic where ever you are.

Data can be manipulated to show weekly performance and provide reports,  filtered to detail the  level of information you require.

Improve the patient experience with Network Level Queuing

Network level queuing enables you to queue unlimited call queuing and comfort messages to keep your callers updated with the latest news, useful numbers, opening times and the option to break out of a queue and go straight to the right department.

Not restricted by the number of lines into your practice, calls are held in the network level/cloud, away from your telephone system, reducing pressures on the main lines.  Maximising call queuing, with comfort messages and place in queue announcements, improves the service offered to callers and  prevents them from getting an engaged tone due to saturated lines.

As the number of incoming calls that can be answered at network level is not dependent on the number of phone lines connected to your system, you could have 8 lines into the main system/site but actually be answering up to a further 99 callers at network level. The result – few, or no more engaged tones and no need for lots of costly line rentals.

Direct your call traffic with Auto Attendants

Auto attendant enables calls to be directed to the appropriate department/queue and help add an amount of control and structure to what would otherwise appear as an inbound ringing free-for-all, especially during busy periods.

Each queue can benefit from unique and relevant messages such as opening times for repeat prescriptions and conform messages for appointments.

Auto attendant announcements and conform messages can be changed on a regular basis, such as announcing flu jabs in the winter and hay fever messages in the summer.