Capture every detail

Create an audit trail of conversations with secure call recording, including solutions from OAK Innovations. Capture inbound and outbound calls to provide an audit trail of interactions with patients and third parties. Recordings are easily searchable to playback and can be stored with custom flags, tags and marks.

Resolve disputes

Protect staff with easy access to tamper proof evidence of ‘who said what’ to help resolve misunderstandings. Call recording provides clarity which enables disputes with patients or carers to be resolved quickly and amicably, pre-empting serious and costly dispute escalation.


When used in training Call Recordings help identify and replicate best practice, leading to increased staff knowledge and confidence. Areas where training is required can be identified and performance managed, to provide better care and information to patients over the phone.

Reduce errors

Check vital details, such as clinical advice, prescriptions, or change of contact information to reduce errors, with fast access to search and playback.  Recordings capture conversations that provide clarity of information and an audit trial, that can be used for legal medico legal purposes.

Encourage respectful conversations

Informing callers that you are recording conversations encourages helps deter threatening and abusive behaviour towards staff and encourages mutual respect. Recorded calls can be easily located, by day, date, time or telephone number, retrieved and listened to / played back as required.