Surgery Connect has been designed to support GPs in their role.

We know practice telephony needs to give GPs the information they require to handle patients quickly and effectively, whilst also supporting modern ways of working.

We are currently helping GPs in 1,200 practices across England and Wales.

Solutions Designed for GPs

  • Integration of Surgery Connect with patient record systems means that GPs and clinicians can call or text patients with a single click, saving valuable time in manual dialing and reducing error.
  • All transactions, such as messages sent or call recordings can be rolled up and added as a single consultation to the patient record for a secure communications record.
  • Healthcare professionals can work from home easily with transferable technology, making and receiving calls as though they were in the surgery.
  • Surgery Connect incorporates a way of securely requesting photos from patients and storing them to the clinical system.
  • Phone consultations can be switched to video consultations mid-call with one click when appropriate.
  • No limit on phone lines – always a line available to make a call.
  • Surgery Connect Desktop toolbar provides one click easy access to important features.


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