Telephone systems, such as Surgery Connect are becoming increasingly easy to manage, often with access via web portals so there is no need to even be on site to make changes to the system configuration, however, that does not mean we always have the time or the trained staff available to make changes and standard SLA’s can be too long to wait in these instances.

Maintenance support enables us to remotely access your system, resolve faults and undertake re-programming requirements.  SLAs mean we prioritise critical issues that can leave practices unable to operate such as service outages, to get them up and working as quickly as possible.

Admin tasks such as day to day message configuration can often be done on site by a senior staff member, however, at Switch Medical we realise this is not always that straight forward and staff are not always available. That is why we have we have made it easy for you get your cloud based services change requests completed and messages uploaded within an hour using Rapid Response.

This priority service enables you to benefit from SLAs you would normally only experience for serious system faults.

Our engineers are fully trained and qualified on our cloud solutions and ready to help.

Benefits of Rapid Response

Get your change requests activated quickly

  • Priority service given to Rapid Response customers
  • 30 minute response to requests
  • Completed within 60 minutes
  • Available throughout standard support hours (8am – 6:30pm)
  • Over 50% support calls can be covered by Rapid Response

To benefit from the Rapid Response service email:

No big cost outlay. Rapid Response incurs a small monthly charge, so it is there when you need it most.

Rapid Response service is available to all customers who have their telephone systems maintained by Switch Medical.