Get the connectivity you need

Broadband services provide home workers and small offices with the connectivity they need. Copper (ADSL) services are becoming phased out as part of the Openreach PSTN switch off Fibre based services.

This means home workers and small offices can now benefit from faster speeds through FTTC and FTTP services direct to their door and can choose from standard, superfast and ultrafast options.


Download speeds
of up to 24Mb

  • ADSL
  • ADLS2+
  • SoTAP
  • SoDSL


Download speeds
of up to 80Mb plus

  • FTTC
  • EoFTTC
  • EFM
  • SoGEA


Download speeds
of up to 1Gb plus

  • FTTP
  • Cable
  • G-PON

Maintain guaranteed speeds with Ethernet

An alternative to Broadband is Ethernet, often adopted by businesses looking to maintain guaranteed speeds and to support business critical applications. Unlike Broadband, Ethernet does not suffer the fluctuations in the quality of connection experienced by Broadband users which are caused by contention ratios.