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Telecoms for medical practices

Telecoms for medical practices

Communication is key when working within a medical practice, it is important that people are able to speak directly with patients, doctors and other staff members. Information can be vital and needs to be shared with very little to no mistakes. With the helped of a modern telephone system information can be dealt with carefully […]

Live wall boards with essential statistics

For many surgeries, the telephone is the primary source of technology used to communicate. Patients can call in to arrange appointments, find out test results and so much more, but how do you track calls that have been missed, and is there a way in which you can monitor busier periods of the day? The […]

How call recording can benefit your surgery

How call recording can benefit your surgery

Call recording has come a long way over the years to help benefit medical practices and businesses. It’s not a new mode of technology by any means, but the benefits of call recording have become more effective for enhancing the quality and efficiency of surgeries. The declining costs and the ease with which call recording […]

Upgrading your surgery with VoIP

What first comes to mind when you think of a telephone system for your practice? It is, a way of communicating verbally? What about a money-saving solution that boosts communication efficiency? Well with VoIP telephony you get just that and much more! Choosing to upgrade your surgeries telecoms to a VoIP telephony solution will be […]

Efficient communication at your surgery

Many things come to mind when thinking about essentials a surgery will have on-site – Doctors, GP’S, staff, medical equipment, but what about telephones? Think about it, telecommunication is a must for every surgery today, as it allows quick access for patients to be able to speak with someone within the GP. Whether it’s to […]

Guide to the ISDN switch off and how to avoid any challenge

Does your telecommunication run on ISDN? If so, are you aware that the ISDN network will be terminated from the year 2025 – meaning users will have to seek alternative telecoms solutions. Firstly, there is no need to panic, as there are solutions out there which will not just replace your ISDN set up but […]