The ISDN Stop Sell has begun, and soon surgeries and businesses across the UK will be affected by this. With the switch off on the horizon now is a better time than ever to evaluate your current telecommunication technology and discover what alternative solutions can help to avoid any potential challenges.

The switch off won’t be complete until 2025, so there is still plenty of time to upgrade to a system which meet the new technology requirements and suits your needs. Using this time between now and the switch off we invite all medical practices to find out when the stop sell will be affecting your area and to educate yourself to the telecom possibilities which are available to you.

The ISDN stop sell and switch off means, all traditional copper based ISDN networks will be upgraded and users will be unable to renew or purchase these services. The stop sell has begun, however the complete switch off will not be until the year 2025. Therefore, all users of this network will need to switch to a different set-up before this time.

What will replace ISDN?

It might be a daunting thought of changing your telecommunications, considering if you may have had the same set-up for many years. However, we are here to help you gain a stronger understanding and advise you on how to take your next steps.

For all medical practices in need of an upgrade from ISDN, what system is best for you?

Many surgeries and businesses all over the UK are exchanging their ISDN system and replacing it with a VoIP solution. VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol will become the primary mode of telecommunications after the switch off. Upgrading your telecoms to a VoIP solution will not just replace your outdated system, but it will take your communication to the next level.

Making the choice to upgrade before the switch off will mean your surgery will avoid any and all ISDN related difficulties.

So, what are the benefits of VoIP?

When you upgrade to a VoIP solution, you will not just be upgrading for the sake of avoiding the ISDN switch off, you will also be upgrading your whole communication set-up. When upgrading your telecoms to a VoIP system, theoretically you are upgrading your entire practice and the way in which it communicates.

Your new VoIP system will benefit you, your call handlers and the overall medical practice in more ways than you can imagine. Voice over IP telephones are designed to care for you and your patients with tailored features to improve efficiency and call experience. With features such as call recording, call queuing, live wall board data and so much more – your surgery will be communicating to its highest level of efficiency.

Who can provide a replacement system to my ISDN?

We are Switch Medical, and we specialise in providing telephony and communication solutions with management tools which deliver a cost effective and positive experience for all. Our highly skilled team are committed to their role. Each practice will have an account manager who will care for your requirements and provide any additional information.

We offer a bespoke level of support and customer care to ensure each of our customers are running to their appealed level of efficiency.

To find out more about us and our systems, get in touch with one of our experts on 0800 977 8775 or email