Do you feel your medical practice lacks the efficiency that others do? Finding some areas slow, staff productivity reducing and patients experiencing a poor service when they dial into the practice. Well, fear no more, as we have 3 simple tips which will help you overcome these challenges and improve your overall communications.

Improve experience with hosted telephony

The single biggest improvement you can make to your medical practice is to replace older, more outdated technology and exchange it for a faster and more reliable solution, which will make a huge difference and improving the overall communications within any practice. With many systems to choose from, it may feel overwhelming and leave you uncertain as to which to choose.

Most ‘outdated’ technology will come in the form of ISDN telephones. We say outdated as this technology is being permanently switched off by the year 2025. So, any active users of ISDN will have to seek alternative telecoms. But what is the alternative telecoms?

Hosted telephony will take any medical practice, doctors’ surgery or hospital to the next level of communications by allowing them to expand their efficiency and user satisfaction.

Call reporting will benefit your call handlers

Tailored call reporting features and analytics will advance all call handlers, allowing them to become more efficient whilst reducing the amount of unanswered or unreturned missed calls. Call reporting will grant staff the ability to access data such as, view how many calls have been made, how many calls have been missed, how many calls have been returned to missed callers and so on.

This unique feature will increase your patient’s satisfaction as you are able to monitor valuable data to reduce the amount of missed calls your practice receives.

Call recording to resolve and identify valuable information

Call recording is a useful feature which can assist with any patient disputes, handles sensitive information and can be recorded and used in training exercises. For example, if a member of staff is dealing with a patient with sensitive information, the call can be recorded to ensure all details are documented and reported correctly without the need to repeat or call back the patient.

Call recording can also identify information to deal with patient disputes – acting as a safety net to resolve issues when there may have been times of poor communication. These calls can be sorted and used to train newer staff members to ensure these issues are reduced or dealt with professionally.

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