For many surgeries, the telephone is the primary source of technology used to communicate. Patients can call in to arrange appointments, find out test results and so much more, but how do you track calls that have been missed, and is there a way in which you can monitor busier periods of the day? The short answer is yes there is!

Track and report missed calls

The biggest advantage of wallboards is that they are able to display and view the status of the call traffic. The data is shown on a range of devices, including monitors, smart device or televisions around the practice and admin offices.

The call handlers benefit from viewing real-time statistics to see how queues are performing. Reporting from the wallboard data provides essential management information such as detailed analytics from abandoned calls, the number of callers remaining in the call queue, average answering times, call trends and more.

Using knowledge from wallboards and reports your surgery can prepare itself better, identify when to expect a higher volume of calls, and decrease the wait time patients experience when dialling into your surgery.

Monitor busy periods with statistics

Live data can provide many useful means of information as mentioned above. But what do I do with this information you might ask? The wallboard data is displayed with charts, graphs and call statistics, which help users break down important information immediately.

With this information, you can arrange and plan future working days. For instance, you may discover every Thursday at 3 pm your surgery receives a higher volume of calls than most days. So, you can prepare your staff at this time and day meaning call answer times will be increased and patients will not have to wait as long in the call queue, eliminating dropped calls.

Decreasing the amount of dropped calls from your call queue will boost patient satisfaction as well as speed up your call handlers efficiency. Overall wallboards are an ideal tool to help your staff fully understand and take control of your day to day communications in order to overcome any challenges you may face.

At Switch Medical we understand the importance in your communications, that is why we are proud to introduce to you our call reporting software. You can learn more about Switch Medical and our services by getting in contact with one of our telecommunication experts on 0800 911 8775 or email us at