What first comes to mind when you think of a telephone system for your practice? It is, a way of communicating verbally? What about a money-saving solution that boosts communication efficiency?

Well with VoIP telephony you get just that and much more! Choosing to upgrade your surgeries telecoms to a VoIP telephony solution will be one of the best decisions you can make to improve your overall telecommunications. With a hosted telephony solution the benefits are endless and your surgery can bring the features of VoIP to the forefront of your telecommunications.

Improve caller’s experience

Your patients call experience will improve massively as one feature of a VoIP solution is cloud-based call queuing and call routing – meaning callers can be directed to whom they wish to speak with within your practice at the click of a button without blocking line you need to make outbound calls

Once the caller has been navigated to their call destination and the line is busy they will be placed into a queue where they will be told which position they are in. This creates confidence to the caller reducing the number of people dropping out and hanging up.


Wallboards provide essential information showing answering times and queue information, making it easy to see when additional staff may need to join in and help out.

This feature will assist hugely with making sure all calls are returned if they are missed, reassuring callers that if their call goes unanswered someone from your surgery will return the missed call.

Smartphone app

Staff can stay connected to the practice telephone system and can be reached on their extension number wherever they are with the smartphone app. Leaving the telephone unattended won’t be such a worry as calls can still be answered no matter where staff members are.

Call recording

Call recording protects the integrity of your staff and patients and will reduce errors when documenting caller’s information, as calls can be recorded and played back to confirm all details to ensure nothing gets lost.

VoIP saves you money

If the above features don’t impress you then how do free calls sound? Once your VoIP solution is installed within your surgery you can continue to make calls as you usually would, however, these calls will be completely free of charge! As your new hosted solution will run entirely over your broadband connection.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, so like some mobile apps like WhatsApp, calls are made over the internet making each call completely free.

Our range of modern, modular and scalable telephone solutions are designed to meet the needs of practices of all sizes. Our handsets come with robust, reliable connectivity and competitive call plans meaning we can supply all practices with efficient communications which suit their needs.

At Switch Medical we are committed to quality – that is why we are the only telecoms supplier to the LMC Buying Groups, we offer special discounts to all members, we can also be found on Practice Index.

To upgrade your surgery’s telecommunications to VoIP make sure you contact Switch Medical on 0800 977 8775 or email us sales@switchmedical.co.uk.