BT Digital Telephone Upgrade

The ISDN network is in its first period of the phasing out stage – so we have formulated a strategy to assist practices in making the move from their ISDN and single phone line services to an alternative solution. Openreach has been discussing the change from copper to ‘next-generation’ networks for the past few years, and only recently we have seen the first step in this process.

In December 2020 a ‘Stop Sell’ notice was announced for Salisbury. The stop sell is the first stage in upgrading an area and this means that no further ISDN or single line connection orders will be accepted and businesses and medical practices will have to make the change to VoIP solutions using SIP channels or cloud-based telephony.

The year 2021 will see an additional 160 exchanges to face the ‘Stop Sell’. Openreach wishes to achieve a complete switch-off of the ISDN network and users to switch to an IP telephony solution by the year 2025. Medical practices still using ISDN, whether you are ready to upgrade to hosted telephony or not, the big switch off for ISDN and single line services are here. So preparing your practice for this change is essential as it will reduce or even avoid any telecommunication challenges you may face in the next few years. The aim is the be ahead of the curve by switching to an alternative solution before the big switch off.

If your medical practice has not already made the move to a high-quality SIP or a cloud-based telephone system, then they will also be faced with managing a cultural change as users adapt to unfamiliar technology. VoIP, SIP and cloud-based telephone systems will replace your current telephone system and run just as well. However, enabling this new system will benefit your practice in many ways. By including many single line services can often find yourself saving money with reduced call costs and line rentals.

Hosted telephony opens up a world of opportunity with many cloud-based features which improve you’re and the caller efficiency and call experience.

Unfortunately for those who wish not to change is beyond argument, as the time is approaching and a decision to change should be made. However, fear not, as the change from one solution to another is painless. Switching from ISDN to VoIP can be done seamlessly with the help of a professional telecoms engineer. For those who dread learning a new system, there are hosted systems that function in a very similar way to an ISDN based systems and hybrid options if your current system is ready for IP connectivity.

Be ready for change

Our big 3 change management tick list:

Check if your provider offers a Stop/Sell Change Voucher.

Check if your supplier will project managed the change.

Get your connectivity assessed – ensuring you have enough bandwidth for change.

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