Call Reporting

Report on call traffic to maintain the highest level of service, improve answer times and manage call routing to minimise queue times and reduced abandoned calls.

Call reporting software that links effortlessly to your telephone system enables you to effectively monitor and manage call traffic.  Accessed via the web you can view current and historic call statistics, from almost anywhere, and use reports to help towards QoF targets,

Live real time reporting

Wall boards display the status of your call traffic on a range of plasma screens, computers and smart devices .  Call handlers benefit from seeing how they are performing in real time and the statistics are recorded for reporting on.

Reports and wall boards provide essential information including details of abandoned calls, number of  calls queued, average answer times, trends and more. With cradle to grave call visibility and historic call reporting.

View Statistics

Easily interpreted charts, graphs and call statistics provide important information about calls handled by your practice.   Measure performance and plan for busy periods with details of  unanswered calls, average answer times, number of calls received and use easy to read reports to provide an audit trail..

The call reporting portal is accessed via the internet, using a secure logon, so you longer need to be on site to make last minute changes to cater for unplanned changes in events.


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