After ISDN

In April 2017, BT Openreach announced that they will be switching off their existing ISDN network in 2025 (and will no longer have ISDN lines available for purchase from 2020), as they focus on a single IP network. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and provides a high quality voice circuit with the ability to add features such as DDI services that are not available on analogue lines.

So, take the opportunity now to find a reliable telecoms expert, such as SCG, to replace your aging ISDN with SIP Trunking. Apart from safeguarding the future of your communications and the smooth running of your business, there are many appealing benefits of SIP Trunks.

Hosted Voice

A Hosted telephone system is a software based service that’s run and controlled from the cloud. It integrates your phone system with with mobile devices, giving you greatly flexibility and allowing you to be always available to your patients. 

One of the key benefits to hosted telephony is that we look after upgrades for you and there’s no expensive hardware to purchase. It’s also extremely expandable, so when we add new features and functions to the system, they become instantly available, all accessed and controlled via an easy to use online portal. 

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks connect to your on-site phone system and give
you access to the features and benefits of VoIP, such as number
flexibility. SIP Trunks also allow you to continue to maximise the
return on investment of your traditional phone system.

SIP Trunks are considerably cheaper than ISDN rentals and
deliver more flexibility, with DDI level disaster recovery plans
and the ability to re-route inbound numbers, via an easy to use
internet portal. Cloud based queueing and auto attendants can
be added to ensure your patients can always get through to you.

Get in touch

Switch Medical offers a free consultancy service to help you understand which would be best suited to your practice(s), the cost implications and potential savings you could make.

For larger medical practices tied into long term equipment leases we generally recommend SIP Trunks.

For GP Federations, multi site and small single site medical practices a hosted solution is often more suitable.