How do I decide which solution is best?

The answer is dependent on how essential connectivity is to you, compared with how quickly you need the connection and your budget. To help you determine your core requirements, here are few questions to consider:

  • What purpose does your connectivity serve?
  • Will it be the backbone for information distribution across your business?
  • Will you use it to access and share hosted applications?
  • Is your business dependent on continuous access to online services?
  • What would the real impact on your business be if you were to lose connectivity for24+ hours?
  • How critical would it be to resume service within a few hours?
  • How critical is it for a backup service?
  • How detrimental would any downtime be on your order taking, production, sales, etc?

We’re here to help you make an informed decision, ensuring that your requirements are met on time and within budget. Why not call one of our product specialists to see what we can recommend for you?

Stay connected with Broadband Protect, a managed
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Superfast, secure and reliable connections increase efficiency and improve overall performance of your business.

We are more dependant than ever on our connectivity and any downtime is not just frustrating but can also have a detrimental effect on our business, as the number of applications we rely on are based in the cloud and need a continuous connection to function, whether it is your on line ordering system, billing platform or your website.