Rainbow transforms the way staff and patients communicate.

Rainbow is a Unified Communications application that makes clinical and administrative staff more efficient with rich collaboration across desk based and mobile devices.

Rainbow devicesApproved for use on the NHSx framework, which supports organisations in adopting a new suite of communication tools to accelerate digital transformation across all segments of the NHS, Rainbow from Alcatel Lucent is an industry leading collaboration platform that offers healthcare professionals easy to use web based features including:-

  • Integrate real-time multimedia services into medical applications.
  • Audio and Video consulting.
  • Communicate securely with bubbles, easily adding colleagues and patients.
  • Presence - to see which colleagues are available
  • Chat - to access colleagues for quick answers without having to put callers on hold

Rainbow services are available from any desktop (PC/MAC and Web) or smartphone (IoS and Android) to deliver cost effective mobility.  Used alone or integrated into your  processes and telephone system Rainbow is designed to meet the needs of the modern organisation.

Rainbow  is an approved product on the NHSx framework and can be purchased through our parent company.

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