Recording and Reporting for Medical Practices

Call recordinoak call recordingg and reporting provides essential information  that can help improve the performance of your practice.

Call Recording

Recorded calls can be easily located, by day, date, time or telephone number, retrieved and listened to / played back as required.

Call recording not only helps protect the integrity of your personnel and patients, but can also help resolve disputes, monitor quality, demonstrate compliance and improve patient satisfaction.

Call Recording Brochure

Patient contact by telephone and the use of triage, has led to an increase in the requirement of call recording for absolute clarity who advised what, when and to whom.

Take a Glance – Download call recording fact sheet

GDPR Compliance Downlaod RecordX GDPR Module fact sheet

Call Reporting

Essential reports provide essential information about inbound, outbound and missed calls to help you manage and monitor your call traffic, apportions costs and highlight most called numbers.

Call history can help identify patients that have been difficult to get hold of and easily identify regularity of calls to specific numbers.

Missed calls can be identified and return and your practice can easily identify busy times of day, where extra staff or network queueing services may be beneficial.