Network Queueing and Auto Attendant

Network Level Auto Attendant and Call Queueing are a popular choice with Doctor Surgeries and Dentist Practices looking to improve  the patient experience.

Improve the patient experience

Network level queueing enables you to queue an infinite number of calls, without the costs associated with increasing the number of lines into your surgery.  With calls held at the network level/cloud, away from your telephone system, pressures on the main lines and telephone system are eliminated and callers are prevented from getting an engaged tone due to saturated lines.

  • Shorten queue times with auto attendantcloud-queueing-image
  • Unlimited call queueing for busy times
  • Place in queue and/or average wait time announcements
  • Announcements and ‘conform’ messages

Auto attendant enables calls be directed to the appropriate department/queue and help add an amount of control and structure to what would otherwise appear as an inbound ringing free-for-all, especially during busy periods.

Each queue can benefit from unique and relevant messages such as opening times for repeat prescriptions and conform messages for appointments.


DOWNLOAD – Guide to Managing your Inbound Call Traffic

Auto attendant announcements and conform messages can be changed on a regular basis, such as announcing flu jabs in the winter and hay fever messages in the summer.

As the number of incoming calls that can be answered at network level is not dependent on the number of phone lines connected to your system, you could have 8 lines into the main system/site but actually be answering up to a further 99 callers at network level. The result – few, or no more engaged tones and no need for lots of costly line rentals..

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