Clinical System Integration

Contact Assist is a next generation communications solution for Medical Practices that links your telephone and clinical systems and improves overall efficiency.

OAK Contact Assist is a Primary Healthcare solution available from Switch Medical which has been carefully designed to help staff achieve critical healthcare goals, through improved efficiency, by linking your phone and healthcare management systems.

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Contact Assist helps mangers, receptionists and clinical staff become more efficient providing essential information where it matters

Inbound Screen Pop – Before the call is answered a discrete on-screen display shows the caller’s name, number and Address book/ EMIS information.

Patient Identification – Launch patient information on answering a call, showing additional information relating to the patient, EMIS information, bespoke notes and contact history.

Click to Dial – Click on a selected contact to call, add notes to a call, send an SMS text or email

Call Recording – Link recorded calls to patient records.

Automatic Telephone Number Capture – When receiving a call from a new or unknown number” automatically capture the number to a windows clipboard and paste into a patient’s record or notes.

Comply with QOF requirements – Use alerts to provide an audit trail for reporting QOF targets

Integrate your clinical systems

Contact Assist Integrates with EMIS web, TPP SystmOne and Vision Health to make life easier for managers, receptionists and clinical staff.

  • Quickly identify callers
  • Instantly see patient demographics
  • Capture new numbers
  • Manage preventative care more effectively
  • Support QOF targets

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Switch Medical have extensive experience in the provision of communication solutions to the surgeries across the UK and well placed to offer advice on the supply and install of the full range of Primary Healthcare solutions from Oak Innovation.

Contact Assist is compatible to most of the leading telephone systems used by Medical Practices.

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